Thick Chain Jewelry and Then Trend

The thick chain jewelry has become a must-have item for 19 years, so you can be cool to no friends!

Multi-pend chain

The chain is complemented by multiple pendants, which are minimalist and individual, and the silver material is versatile. The chain jewellery has a unique and original craft design, which is more outstanding in terms of details and styling inspiration. Chanel’s necklace is a masterpiece.

Thick Chain Jewelry and Then Trend

Chocker combination chain

The Chocker model is paired with a slightly longer necklace to create a layered look that visually stretches the neckline.

Although chocker has been a Hot Item for a while, have you found that the enthusiasm of the hipsters has not retreated? Of course, the well-known chocker classic style is still from “the killer is not too cold”

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Wild chain

The simplest appearance of the Chocker is also the most versatile. A word shoulder or a shirt can be matched with a casual feeling. It is more suitable for wearing when you are off work. If you are worried that wearing a suit every day is too dry, adding a metallic Chocker will become fashionable. Mixing and using Chocker will make it more layered. If you don’t take the cool style, you can try the feminine Chocker, especially with some very beautiful clothes. Mixing with Chocker will make it more layered.

Chain jewelry is a versatile and classic style, and all kinds of temperament and style can be “sublimated” by it. The accessories of the chain elements look exaggerated, but with the right mix, it can also make people shine.

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