How to Wear Men’s Earrings?

How to Wear Men's Earrings?

Maybe you’re that type of man – who wants to express his personality with accessories: Know that men’s piercings and jewelry are more than just fashion these days. There are many ways to wear earrings. The most important thing to remember is that an earring (or two) should complement your look, not completely distract from the rest of your outfit.

Do you have a client in the morning or do you have to go for an interview? People have opinions, and our choices affect how they see us. Does that mean you have to stop yourself from being who you are? ! no way ! It just means you’ve thought carefully before choosing your accessories…and what could be more appealing than a look thought out to the smallest detail?

How to Wear Men's Earrings?

What is the history and importance of hoop earrings?
From ancient Egypt to modern America, hoop earrings have been worn by fashionable men and women for centuries. Hoop earrings were once part of the outfits of kings and queens, symbolizing their social status – today, they represent confidence, strength and variety. As a perfect circle, hoop earrings symbolize wholeness, unity and infinity.

Earrings to match skin tone and face shape
It is important that the earrings match the skin tone and face shape. Some colors do not quite match certain shades. Face shape will also play a big role in the choice of earrings.

Like all other accessories, earrings should complement your look.

match your clothes

Your earrings should complement your outfit in a harmonious way. Pair fun and colorful earrings with trendy and/or casual outfits. Choose an understated and understated design to complement your formal and/or professional attire.

How to Wear Men's Earrings?

In all things measures are good

Earrings should be small and/or in proportion to your figure. Large and/or bulky earrings can create an imbalance in body and style.

Matching metal

Earrings are small accessories, but should match the color of your other accessories and be made of the same metal.

Many celebrities and other influential people wear two earrings, while others prefer to wear only one. The choice is yours, it just depends on your preferences.

What caliber are you looking for?

Most pierced ears are between 20g and 18g in size. The medium size earrings are 20gm. The higher the number, the narrower the width of the rod.

What is hypoallergenic material and should I be concerned about it?

Hypoallergenic earrings are suitable for people with allergies to certain types of metals. Most people who have these allergies react to the nickel in the metal mix.

What Are Good “Beginners” Earrings?
A good first earring is one that you can wear for 6+ weeks without any discomfort. Choose a pattern that goes with other accessories – like your favorite watches and bracelets.

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