Why Tungsten Ring Has Been So Popular Till Now?

Why Tungsten Ring Has Been So Popular Till Now?

Traditionally, wedding rings are made of precious metals, such as gold or platinum. But today, due to the attractiveness and low price of alternative metals, they are beginning to become a popular choice for jewelry. Tungsten is one of the latest alternative metals. The rising price trend of traditional jewelry metals may be another reason why people are looking for some alternative metals that can provide gorgeous jewelry within their budget.

1.The ring should last a long time

Tungsten is so hard in Mohs 8.9 that can compare with the hardness of platinum. Therefore, people naturally choose a tungsten ring that can last a lifetime.

Why Tungsten Ring Has Been So Popular Till Now?

2. Never scratch & fade

Due to the hardness of this metal, tungsten wedding rings will be scratch resistant and will not bend as easily as other expensive or alternative metals. This rare and peculiar metal can be polished forever without losing its luster. If you like to exercise by hand or do a lot of things, then you need to choose a very hard material that is not easy to scratch. There is no doubt that the tungsten ring is the best choice.

3. No maintenance

Once you put on the tungsten ring, there is no need for any maintenance. The hardness ensures that the ring will not be damaged even under severe conditions. The shiny appearance of tungsten jewelry has remained unchanged for many years.

Why Tungsten Ring Has Been So Popular Till Now?

4. It’s affordable

The tungsten ring is cheap and considering its longevity, you seem to get it almost for free. This aspect of affordability is one of the reasons for its popularity. If you use a gold ring made of tungsten, the price is 300 to 400 US dollars, only 50 US dollars.

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