About custom fashion jewelry manufacturer introduction

About custom fashion jewelry manufacturer introduction

Our custom fashion jewelry manufacturer is a destination where creativity knows no bounds. With a passion for personalized accessories, we specialize in bringing unique designs to life. Whether you're seeking a statement necklace, personalized bracelet, or custom earrings, our skilled artisans work diligently to craft pieces that reflect your individual style. From selecting high-quality materials to incorporating intricate details, we strive to exceed expectations and deliver jewelry that is as unique as you are. Embrace the opportunity to express your creativity and stand out from the crowd with our custom fashion jewelry manufacturer.

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Over 10 experience of high-quality jewelry with numerous brands.

R & D

Consistently and persistently developing new products, new technologies and new materials.

OEM & ODM Service

The expert in OEM & ODM services with own manufacturing plants.

One-stop Service

From client idea or design concepts to teh finished products.

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Shenzhen Fanny Jewelry Co., Limited is a professional and approval Jewelry researching and manufacturing company with first-class services and consistent quality at reasonable prices. As an experienced OEM & ODM Jewelry Manufacturer for many international brands, wholesalers, vendors etc. Fanny Jewelry TEAM has the advantage of the R&D and professional designer team, help many customers to build their brands and make their ideas or drawings into reality.

We TEAM has the capability of manufacturing Fashion Jewelry and Accessories, which are made from Tungsten carbide, Pure Titanium(99.99%), Black Zirconium, 316L stainless steel (meet Europe Standards), Zirconia Ceramic, Cobalt Chrome, 925 Sterling Silver and Brass. Rings, Earrings, Necklace&Pendants, Men′s Cuff links &Tie clips and money clips are our primary competitive advantages.

Premium quality products and considerate service made us successful in the past. At present, the most important thing is to keep on these and achieve teh win-win with all our clients in future.

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A custom fashion jewelry manufacturer refers to a manufacturer who customizes the production of fashion jewelry according to the needs and designs of customers. They can provide jewelry in various materials, styles, colors and sizes to meet different markets and consumers.

Choosing a custom fashion jewelry manufacturer has the following advantages: Create one-of-a-kind accessories that express personality and style. The quality, cost and delivery time of jewelry can be controlled. It is possible to communicate directly with the manufacturer, avoiding the interference and additional costs of middlemen. The design and quantity of accessories can be flexibly adjusted according to market changes and consumer needs.

Finding a reliable custom fashion jewelry manufacturer requires consideration of the following aspects: The experience and reputation of manufacturers can be understood by checking their websites, customer reviews, case presentations, etc. Manufacturers' service scope and capabilities can be learned by inquiring about the materials, processes, samples, packaging, logistics, etc. they provide. The price and quality of the manufacturer can be understood by comparing the quotations, quality assurance, after-sales service of different manufacturers, etc. The communication and cooperation of manufacturers can be understood through preliminary communication with them and feeling their professionalism, integrity and flexibility.

To cooperate with custom fashion jewelry manufacturer, you need to follow the following steps: Provide your own jewelry design or reference pictures, explaining the material, size, color, quantity and other requirements of the jewelry. Wait for the manufacturer to give a quotation and delivery time, and confirm whether it meets your budget and deadline. The manufacturer is required to provide samples, check the quality and details of the samples, propose amendments or confirm orders. Pay the deposit or full payment, and follow up the production progress and logistics information according to the terms of the contract. After receiving the goods, check the quantity and quality of the goods, and feedback and solve any problems in time.

The maintenance of custom fashion jewelry needs to pay attention to the following points: Avoid jewelry contact with moisture, sweat, cosmetics, perfume and other substances that will cause oxidation or discoloration. Avoid violent collision, friction or pulling of accessories, causing deformation or damage. Avoid exposing the ornaments to sunlight or high temperature, which will cause fading or aging. Gently wipe the charm with a soft cloth or special cleaner to remove dust or stains. Store ornaments individually in an airtight bag or box to prevent oxidation or scratches.

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