• Why Tungsten Ring Has Been So Popular Till Now?

    Traditionally, wedding rings are made of precious metals, such as gold or platinum. But today, due to the attractiveness and low price of alternative metals, they are beginning to become a popular choice for jewelry. Tungsten is one of the latest alternative metals. The rising price trend of traditional jewelry metals may be another reason why people are looking for some alternative metals that can provide gorgeous jewelry within their budget. 1.The ring should last a long time Tungsten is so hard in Mohs 8.9 that can compare with the hardness of platinum. Therefore, people naturally choose a tungsten ring that can last a lifetime. 2. Never scratch & fade Due to the hardness of this metal, tungsten wedding rings will be scratch resistant and will not bend as easily as other expensive or alternative metals. This rare and peculiar metal can be polished forever without losing its luster. If…

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  • Why Fanny Jewelry Co., Ltd?

    Fanny Jewelry—As a reputable and reliable OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer)/ODM(original design manufacturer) manufacturer. Fanny—A competitive Jewelry maker with more than 10 years of experience in jewelry industry and working with many brands, designer, wholesaler and etc.. Hence, we know how to work with you with our best service. Fanny—A good partner understand technology plays a great role in achieving s successful project so highly focus on technology advancement and always been upgrading machines to achieve that. Fanny—A strong and dedicated R&D team and production team offering One-stop service: from design concepts/pictures/drawings to the final finished products. Fanny—A company mission assist to service customer with professional advice and premium quality on designs and production. Fanny—A environmentally friendly jewelry factory has been adopt sustainable production methods whenever possible.

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  • How to place an order for Fanny?

    Send inquiry. Reply your email with quotation in 24 hours. Get approval for quotation. Sample order confirmed. Sample approved. Send PI for mass production. Arrange 30% deposit payment. Start initial production. Production updating for you. Production done. Send photos of products to get confirmation. Arrange 70% Balance payment. Shipment with DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS or your forwarder. Products arrives. After sales service.

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  • How to Choose Your Wedding Ring?

    When choosing a men’s wedding ring, you should also pay attention to the surface treatment, the texture, beauty and contour of the ring itself. The following is a breakdown of some different profiles: Classic court –arguably the most common ring shape, the classic court is round from the inside out. D-ring-The outside is round and thin, while the inside is flat and fits snugly. Flat ring-comfortable to wear, but easily stuck on clothes or machinery, the flat ring does conform to its name, which means that it is flat inside and outside. Flat courts-Bridging the two worlds, flat courts provide a flat appearance and around the interior. You also need to pay attention to surface treatment or polishing. Here are some different styles: High polishing – the most common type, high polishing provides straight metal and has a smooth, shimmery appearance. Satin (Matte): – popular with modern grooms, the scrub…

    NEWS & EVENTS 04/22/2020
  • How many Finishes for your Jewelry?

    Many people don’t realize how many different finishes you can have on your jewelry. Here is a kind of different options with pictures to show you the different textures and finishes. High Polish The brightest, shiniest shine we can create with a mirror effect. Satin (matte) For those who do not want to make the ring so shiny, it is more like a soft matte finish. Brushed More directional satin effect. It can be carried out for left or right or at a certain angle. Hammered Yes, we hit it with a hammer to form a crack that resembles a crescent crater. Sandblast We closed the area and sandblasted it with sand to create a cool matte texture. Scratched It likes the brushed finish but more pronounced and less uniform. Florentine It has many small lattices and like a fun ridged directional texture. Engraving Usually done manually after the ring…

    NEWS & EVENTS 04/21/2020
  • Forget Silver, forget Gold, Metal Choices for Wedding Rings

    Easy to maintain It is free of corrosion, rust, and scratches. Stainless steel rings are very durable and are ideal for timeless wedding rings. They do not require much maintenance and are really easy to clean-just use warm water and soap!The stainless steel ring does not require rhodium plating. Rhodium is a hard metal that improves the scratch resistance of jewelry, while stainless steel is stronger and therefore not required, so it can save time, money and energy. Comfortable It is light metal, so it is convenient and comfortable to wear on your fingers. This metal is known for its hypoallergenic properties, so it is great even for the most irritable skin. Reasonable price Compared with gold, silver and platinum, the price is much lower. Although cheaper than other metals, its appearance is still similar to platinum, so the ring can still maintain its beauty and luster. Environmentally friendly It…

    NEWS & EVENTS 04/21/2020
  • Thick Chain Jewelry and Then Trend

    The thick chain jewelry has become a must-have item for 19 years, so you can be cool to no friends! Multi-pend chain The chain is complemented by multiple pendants, which are minimalist and individual, and the silver material is versatile. The chain jewellery has a unique and original craft design, which is more outstanding in terms of details and styling inspiration. Chanel’s necklace is a masterpiece. Chocker combination chain The Chocker model is paired with a slightly longer necklace to create a layered look that visually stretches the neckline. Although chocker has been a Hot Item for a while, have you found that the enthusiasm of the hipsters has not retreated? Of course, the well-known chocker classic style is still from “the killer is not too cold” Wild chain The simplest appearance of the Chocker is also the most versatile. A word shoulder or a shirt can be matched with…

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  • How to Maintain Gold-plated Jewelry is Better

    Gold-plated jewelry has been loved by people in recent years, because gold-plated jewelry not only looks different from gold, gold-plated jewelry is also cheaper than gold, but people buy gold-plated jewelry do not know how to maintain, gold-plated jewelry still needs to be good Maintenance, then how to maintain gold-plated jewelry is better? Wiping and Maintenance Before wearing gold-plated jewelry, if time is sufficient, it is best to wipe the gold-plated necklace with a fine velvet cloth to maintain the gloss of the gold-plated jewelry. If we don’t wear gold-plated jewelry, we should gently wipe the surface of the gold-plated jewelry with cotton cloth or absorbent paper towel to remove the moisture and dirt of the gold-plated jewelry. Store the gold-plated jewelry in a sealed bag to avoid gold-plated jewelry and air. Make contact to keep the gold-plated jewelry shiny. Avoid Corrosion When we are doing heavy work, we recommend…

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