Why Fanny Jewelry Co., Ltd?

Fanny Jewelry—As a reputable and reliable OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer)/ODM(original design manufacturer) manufacturer.

Fanny—A competitive Jewelry maker with more than 10 years of experience in jewelry industry and working with many brands, designer, wholesaler and etc.. Hence, we know how to work with you with our best service.

Why Fanny Jewelry Co., Ltd?

Fanny—A good partner understand technology plays a great role in achieving s successful project so highly focus on technology advancement and always been upgrading machines to achieve that.

Fanny—A strong and dedicated R&D team and production team offering One-stop service: from design concepts/pictures/drawings to the final finished products.

Why Fanny Jewelry Co., Ltd?

Fanny—A company mission assist to service customer with professional advice and premium quality on designs and production.

Fanny—A environmentally friendly jewelry factory has been adopt sustainable production methods whenever possible.

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