How to Choose Your Wedding Ring?

How to Choose Your Wedding Ring?

When choosing a men’s wedding ring, you should also pay attention to the surface treatment, the texture, beauty and contour of the ring itself. The following is a breakdown of some different profiles:

  1. Classic court –arguably the most common ring shape, the classic court is round from the inside out.
  2. D-ring-The outside is round and thin, while the inside is flat and fits snugly.
  3. Flat ring-comfortable to wear, but easily stuck on clothes or machinery, the flat ring does conform to its name, which means that it is flat inside and outside.
  4. Flat courts-Bridging the two worlds, flat courts provide a flat appearance and around the interior.
How to Choose Your Wedding Ring?

You also need to pay attention to surface treatment or polishing. Here are some different styles:

  1. High polishing – the most common type, high polishing provides straight metal and has a smooth, shimmery appearance.
  2. Satin (Matte): – popular with modern grooms, the scrub can reduce the reflection of the finish and reduce the reflection.
  3. Combination-This product is directly between high polish and matte.
  4. Hammering – For those looking for a real distinction, the hammered look looks like it has beaten every detail, resulting in more texture.
  5. Engraving – it allows you to personalize the band through text, messages, images, and even fingerprints, thereby enhancing the symbolic value of the ring. Last but not least, you can always explore custom designs so that you can design wedding rings in any way you think fit.
  6. Color–Through plating can get yellow gold, rose gold, black, gunmetal, brown and etc.

Since young gentlemen absolutely love to think outside the box these days, more and more young people are also looking for rings with details, which means to include patterns or different materials.

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